Welcome to our new-look website! Night Eyes Paranormal is back!

NightEyes Paranormal has been running for the last 7 years and as the founder I'm very pleased with how it's developed over the years. We have gained a lot of experience during this time and continue to learn with every investigation we conduct. We have maintained our integrity as scientific investigators throughout and although a couple of our team members are 'sensitive' to atmosphere and possible spiritual presence we continue to use scientific equipment rather than psychic guidance.

Our main objective is to help people who are concerned about possible paranormal activity within their homes or indeed their places of work. If we are able to investigate and put someone’s mind at rest, then I feel we have achieved what we set out to accomplish. Our service is free of charge and we're a non profit making group.

What you can expect from us

We provide a professional and free investigative service at your property. During the investigation we will be using cctv cameras, digital recorders, EMF meters and camcorders. We will perform vigils in active areas and try to encourage activity to establish any paranormal occurrences. Our team members will always conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. They are friendly and approachable and will endeavour to help you wherever they can.

Our investigations are conducted during the night and usually we like to set up our equipment around 9pm to start for 10pm. We investigate until around 1am – 2am unless there is significant activity and our hosts are happy to continue.

We don't conduct any spiritual activities such as seances, Ouiji board work, table tipping or glass work, nor do we use psychics or mediums. There is a lot of sitting around, calling out questions and encouraging responses. We will never be disappointed if there is no paranormal activity during our visit, this is how things go sometimes and we're fully aware that 'spirits' don't present themselves just because we are there!

Once we have completed the investigation we will analyse the camera and audio footage and arrange a follow up visit to share any findings.

For obvious reasons it is always advisable to arrange for the property to be empty apart from our host / hosts. If young children can spend the night away for the property during investigations then that will allow us to go about our business without having to worry about disturbing little ones.

Some of our clients in the past have been worried about angering whatever is in their home. Our team members will never use aggressive taunting methods to obtain responses. We ask for contact in a friendly manner.

As the founder of NightEyes Paranormal I am very steadfast about honesty during investigations. All our team members are fully aware of being 100% honest with their experiences at all times. It is of no use to any one concerned if any footage or personal experiences are not true. I am quite happy for nothing at all to happen or be found in our footage, it is never a waste of time and adds to our experiences.

We are fully insured to carry out our investigations.

What we expect from our clients

Because we are non profit we expect a level of commitment when booking us for investigations. We understand that in some instances cancellations are unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances. Our members give up their spare time to commit to an investigation so it's important to be sure you definitevly want us to attend before agreeing to it.

We know that people can be very interested in the paranormal and understandably want to be a part of it but for us to conduct a private investigation properly we need our clients to be aware that inviting friends and neighbours to be present is not helpful and will ultimately affect any findings in our footage. If our client is uneasy and needs a friend, relative or neighbour to be with them, then that's fine, just not a group of people. An example of what I'm trying to say here is an investigation that was pointless as our client had invited a group of friends along who had been drinking for some time prior and getting giddy and excited. As you can imagine this did not make for a good investigation and didn't help with them taking photos with their phones constantly which impaired our investigation footage! Our team members gave up their time, expertise and expenses for what turned out to ultimately be a farce.

We don't expect to be fed while we are with you so please don't feel the need to make sandwiches etc., we're more than happy with just a cuppa!

Private Property 2012

May 2012 Location – Pontefract Property – Private Team Members – 4 Guest Investigators – 0 Our client at this property contacted us via our website in April this year. She had experienced some unusual activity and was both curious

Abbey Inn Leeds 2011

Location – Leeds Property – The Abbey Inn Team Members – 4 Guest Investigator – 1 The Abbey Inn has a very colourful history and has several reports of paranormal activity over the years. We were excited to have this

Public House, Ferrybridge 2011

March 2011 Location-Ferrybridge Property- Public house/hotel Team members- 4 Guest investigators- 4   The investigation was led by team leaders Janice and Tony who are frequenters to the location and friends with the owners who have shared numerous stories of

Doncaster Air Museum

Firstly I’d like to say thanks to Spookseekers paranormal group for a great night at the Museum!  Myself, Amanda and Richard attended the event which proved to be very interesting.  I still have to examine the digital recordings but both

Wakefield – Private Investigation

May 2011 Location -Wakefield Property -Private Residence Team members – 5 We where first contacted by the clients through our email telling us about the strange occurrences developing in the property they had very recently moved into. Such as picture

Sheffield Fire Museum

Fire & Police Museum – Sheffield As a paranormal investigative team it’s always nice to get the opportunity to attend someone else’s event. It gives the team members the chance to relax and be part of the investigation without the

Pontefract Castle

December 2012 LOCATION – Pontefract Castle TEAM MEMBERS – 5 GUEST INVESTIGATORS – 3 We contacted the curator at Pontefract Castle to inquire about the possibility of doing an investigation there and we were very pleasantly surprised to be told

Anonymous Investigation

Sometimes people like to keep things anonymous and that’s fine – so without too much detail, here’s some evidence for you to have a look through…    

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

DATE: 25th Feb 2012 LOCATION: Hack green nuclear bunker Cheshire TEAM: ONE We arrived at the location around 6pm and were given a tour of the bunker along with the health and safety rules. After our initial meeting with the

Kippax – Private Investigation

November 2012 Location – Kippax Property – Private Residence Team Members – 4 Guest Investigators – 2 The clients contacted us via our website detailing unexplained goings on in their home. Obviously the clients where uneasy about the situation so