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Before booking our services please be aware that we are not Mediums and we cannot offer house cleansing. 

Our aim is to capture any evidence of paranormal activity on camera, audio recordings etc.   Our investigations do not include any séances, Ouija boards, table tipping etc.   We do vigils which include ‘asking out’ and the use of our K2, EMF reader to monitor responses.  On occasions we set up trigger objects and use toys as props for any potential interaction.





We are a paranormal team based in Yorkshire, UK, offering private investigations on a FREE  & discreet basis to people who are experiencing paranormal activity within the home or workplace.

If you are experiencing unexplained activity or sightings within your home, place of work, or know of anyone looking for a team to offer explanations to possible experiences, don’t be afraid to ask, we may be able to help.

We are a non profit organisation who are fully insured. While we have the utmost respect for mediums and clairvoyants, we have elected to not use them as part of our investigations.  

Our investigations are private and professional, and our team are serious and passionate about the investigation of paranormal activity.

If you are in need our services, please feel free to contact us via the above link or visit our Facebook page.


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Research & Evidence Collation : Lindsey
Lead Investigators : Janice & Andrea
Tech Team : Tony
Trainee Investigator : Daisy
Investigator : Vicky
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Night Eyes UK are a paranormal team based in West Yorkshire, covering the local area offering assistance to those experiencing paranormal phenomenon in your homes or workplaces.

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