Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

DATE: 25th Feb 2012
LOCATION: Hack green nuclear bunker Cheshire
We arrived at the location around 6pm and were given a tour of the bunker along with the health and safety rules. After our initial meeting with the other groups, members of the public and organization of our teams we did a walk through of the bunker to get our bearings and gather evidence as to where the hot spots were and check for electrical interference with our k2. We decided as the building was so large and to decrease the health and safety risk caused by cables to only set up static cameras in the hall way outside the canteen (base camp) and in the main museum display area. Each team went out with an audio recorder,camcorder and k2 meter,a very brief history of the building and as always very little prior knowledge of previously reported activity.
We started our night in the shelter experience (hot spot 2) We began just sitting in silence listening for any unusual sounds,we heard some knocks and bangs and although these could possibly have been caused by the other teams in the building it was unlikely as the shelter was an extension and the ceiling plus three walls were external. We also heard several unexplained whistles in response to ours coming from inside the shelter but unfortunately our audio equipment did not pick these up! Aside from the eerie atmosphere most likely caused by the dense blackness in the shelter none of the team felt anything of significance so we decided to leave just three of the team in the shelter hoping a smaller number would invoke some responses,the rest of us explored the hall way outside,the military radio room and the Russian military equipment display. Unfortunately we got nothing in this area and the shelter remained flat.

We then moved onto the first display area (hot spot 3) We positioned ourselves at different spots around the room and tried to make contact with any possible presence by asking out questions but we didn’t have any success, none of the team felt anything an with so much ground to cover we decided to move onto the cinema (hot spot 4) Here we each picked a seat and sat patiently and waited…before long our public members began to feel uncomfortable! They began seeing movement and dark shadows throughout the room. One member claimed to see a face peek around the door of the cinema and look at us, another said they saw a tall figure stand up right in front of them causing a dense shadow! Another even felt a presence stroking and squeezing her leg as she sat. Although these were only individual experiences we all witnessed a strange blue light moving around at the front of the room which we could find no explanation for,we captured this on camcorder and on photo.

hack green blue light

I would like to note also that the k2 was placed at the front of the room where the blue light was seen and we gained significant activity on it even though there were no direct responses. We also captured a second strange light in motion in this room.

Next we headed to the comcen registry adjacent to the communications centre (hot spots 5 and 6) We spread out over the two rooms and the corridor outside. Again we asked out trying to gain any kind of response. We were having no success when project reveal,who were watching on the cams they had set up in there,radioed from base camp to let us know they were picking up orb activity behind us in the maritime radio display which we had our backs to! This could be disputed as dust kick up but none of us were moving around at that point. Also at this time we began to get flickers on our k2 meter! To our left was an adjoining room with the BT exchange display area,this room had a trigger light up and recorded audio commentary that set off when anyone came within 2 foot of the door. As we were leaving the communications room this activated and we were at least four foot from the door and when we tried to get it to go off again from the same distance it didn’t! Upon reviewing our camcorder footage we found we had captured a strange swirling orb in the entrance to the communications centre.

hack green strange orb (hot spot 6)
We then headed to the ROC post and Russian missile control room (hot spot 7) splitting into two groups,one in the room and the other outside at the stairwell. As we were exploring the corridor between the comcen registry and the ROC post team leader Lindsey glanced a woman over the shoulder of one of her team as they past through a door. It was only a split second view but her description was a tall woman with long brown/mousey hair with an angry face! we spent sometime holding vigils in and out of the room with no success!

Next up was the female dormitory (hot spot 8) This room we found to hold the most significant atmosphere! We spread out around the room,as it was a female dorm we asked our only male team member to sit on one of the beds hoping to initiate some contact. He held the k2 and asked questions,blew wolf whistles an generally tried to invoke a response to which we got great k2 action. The room was very dark and the yellow light you can see is our k2 meter at its lowest level. We also captured strange lights darting around near the same team member.

hack green k2 footage

hack green strange lights
As we were holding the vigil in here we were taking pictures around the room and in the flash light of one of these several of the team saw what they described as a woman with long flowing hair and a very angry look on her face standing between the beds in the display area…this is of great significance as it matches the description of the woman team leader Lindsey saw in the corridor. We continued to hear unexplained noises and had continued but not constant k2 activity. We also played some old war time songs to see if this would spark a response but it didn’t. We left 3 team members in the dorm while the rest of us headed out onto the landing and stairway. Project Reveal had taped down glow sticks at the points where there camera wires may cause a danger,when we came up the stairwell to the dormitory there was a green one taped to the top step,it was there the whole time we investigated the landing but as we moved on it had been moved to the second step with the tape still in place on the top step.

hack green light and glow stick evidence


In this footage you can a strange light shoot down the middle of the stairwell plus the see the glow stick in question beside team leader lindsey and we have added a picture we took when we noticed it had moved.


hack green glow stick

In the weeks that followed our investigation,as we found out more about previous activity that had been witnessed there, we learned of many reports of a woman being seen around the ROC post,female dormitory and the stairwell outside. It is also documented fact that a woman named Joan committed suicide from this stairway in the 1950’s…could this be the woman we saw?

There is also speculation that this woman was involved in a lesbian affair with a colleague and was left heart broken which was the
apparent cause of her suicide,although this is pure hearsay could this be the reason our k2 came to life as our male team member made suggestive remarks in the dorm?

Also upon reviewing our evidence we discovered our audio recorder had picked up a woman’s voice in the dormitory around a minute an a half before the female apparition was seen for the 2nd time!

Last but not least was the stairwell near the ladies toilets (hot spot 1) We had witnessed footage from previous team investigations that physical contact was known to happen here so with some apprehension we sat individually at different points on the staircase! We sat mainly in silence for quite a period in the hope that a presence would come forward,we tried asking out and again played the war time song to no avail.

On our way back to base camp we made one final stop at the nuclear weapons display area were one of our static cameras was placed. This is not listed as a hot spot but we thought we would try our luck and possibly make it one. We split up around the room and once again asked out,asked for responses to whistles and knocks that we made and generally made a plea for any kind of interaction…we gathered no evidence in this room!
We captured on our static cams these strange lights in the corridor outside the canteen at the beginning of the night. We have included a real time clip and also a slowed down version as they are very intriguing

real time hack green lights

slowed down hack green lights

Also this footage showing a black mass come out from behind a door on the corridor outside the female dormitory.

hack green possible ghost footage

This investigation was an experience well worth documenting and was most enjoyable!

We would like to thank Lucy at hack green for making it possible and remaining with us throughout the night! We would also like to thank Project Reveal,Ghosts Are Us and Cool As Ice paranormal teams along with members of the public that joined us on the night!

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