Kippax – Private Investigation

November 2012

Location – Kippax

Property – Private Residence

Team Members – 4

Guest Investigators – 2

The clients contacted us via our website detailing unexplained goings on in their home. Obviously the clients where uneasy about the situation so we made arrangements for Janice and Tony to go ahead with a pre visit.

We where told of ice cold spots coming and going in the living room,unexplained tapping and banging,the kitchen ceiling fan turning itself on in the night,heavy breathing being heard and felt in the bedroom and an incident where 3 metal jugs situated on hooks above the living room door found their way to the opposite side of the kitchen lined up neatly on the floor against the cupboards. Intrigued by this and eager to help we arranged a date for the investigation.

We arrived at the property around 9.30pm and after a quick sweep of the house decided to set up static cameras in the living room,kitchen and clients bedroom as well as using our hand held cam corders. We placed an audio recorder in the living room and bedroom to hopefully pick up any evp’s.

Tony set up the laptop in the spare room to keep watch on all the cameras throughout the night. Investigators Lindsey and Vicky headed to the bedroom,investigator Daisey took point on the staircase while investigators Janice and Kirsty held vigil with the clients in the living room. It was time for lights out!


Investigators Lindsey and Vicky sat quietly for around 10/20 minutes to allow the room to settle and their eyes to adjust to the darkness. All seemed still except for external traffic noise. As investigator Lindsey took a stroll around the bedroom she came across a cold spot by the bed.She had previously been sat in front of the window and was not cold there so confirmed that this was not caused by a draft from the window. She reported she could actually step in and out of the cold spot! Investigator Vicky was filming during the vigil and each time the camcorder tried to focus on the bedroom door area the screen blacked out but when focused on any other area of the room it would fade back in which we all found strange. They both heard numerous unexplained noises around the room including the breathing the client had previously described,a wicker chair in the corner creaked as though someone had sat on it or rose from it and also a loud bang which actually shook the floorboards causing the them both to head for the door. Unfortunately at the time of this the rest of the team reported that 2 youths on the street outside had apparently fallen into the living room window below the bedroom so we concluded that this could have been the cause. We also could not rule out the possibility of the shudder being caused by neighbours perhaps slamming a door although both Lindsey and Vicky feel this was not the case.


During the bedroom vigil investigator Daisy had reported no activity on the stairs and so had joined the team holding vigil in the living room. Here Investigators Kirsty and Janice had been asking out in the hopes of some kind of response from any possible presence. This produced nothing although our k2 meter was extremely active in its position on the arm of the chair which one of the clients was residing in. As always we had done a k2 sweep of the house before beginning and found nothing in that area that would have caused it to react in such a way,even the client had nothing about their person that would have caused any fluctuations. Even though the k2 gave no direct responses to conversation or questions asked we concluded that its activity was unexplainable.


After daisy had left the stairway investigator Janice had decided to take up vigil there alone to see what she could produce. After a short while the k2 meter she had with her began to fluctuate,she reported it hitting the red just as the cold spot that investigator Lindsey had found in the bedroom suddenly disappeared! A few moments later a loud crashing sound was heard on the stairs and we all headed to Janice’s location to check she was ok. What we found was a picture frame hung on the wall above and to the back of where Janice was sitting had come off the wall at an angle and hit a picture frame at the foot of the stairs causing this to also come off. Janice is convinced that she made no movement that would have caused her to knock the picture from the wall,she was still sitting in position when we arrived. Even more convincing is the fact that the nail from which the original picture was hanging was bent upwards so it would not have been possible without it being lifted. Unfortunately we have no video footage of this taking place as the static camera was watching the area around the metal jugs to see if we could capture them moving as the clients had previously described. We do however have an audio clip from the recorder in the bedroom which picked up the events as they unfolded.


After a short break investigators Kirsty,Daisy and the clients headed for the bedroom while investigators Janice and Vicky took on the living room. Investigator Lindsey took over on the stairs.

There was continued k2 activity in the living room and Lindsey felt numerous tickling sensations on the stairs but the bedroom was reportedly flat.

We remained in the property until around 2.30am and decided to call it a night.

During our brake we had left the audio recorders running ,we picked up this voice in the bedroom! Bare in mind the room was empty and the door shut!

We also captured a whimpering sound picked up by Daisy on the stairs as she reports a temperature drop.

As we do not provide any mediumistic or house clearance services we have contacted someone on behalf of the clients who can hopefully help them in settling their home.

We would like to thank the clients for an eventful investigation and there kindness and hospitality. This is a possible for re visitation.

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