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Fire & Police Museum – Sheffield

As a paranormal investigative team it’s always nice to get the opportunity to attend someone else’s event. It gives the team members the chance to relax and be part of the investigation without the added stress of co-ordinating and organizing.

When Project Reveal asked if we would like to attend their investigation at The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum we agreed it would be the perfect opportunity to attend as guests rather than co-investigators.

Attending was myself, Tony and Kirsty. Linzi unfortunately was unable to attend due to other commitments and so we took along Daisy who has never attended an investigation before but is very interested in all things paranormal and despite her young age she proved to be a mature and able member of the team. It’s worth noting at this stage that since Daisy attended she has gone on to have some personal experiences in her own home which we may have to take a look at, at a future date!

On arrival at the museum it proved to be a large rather commanding structure in the middle of town, It’s age showing in the darkened colour and uneven displacement of the buildings bricks and window frames. I don’t mind admitting I was intrigued and beguiled by the prospect of spending a night in this old museum.


Once inside the building we were all greeted by the owners (who have done wonders with recreating the interior to its former use of a Police & Fire Station) and taken on the obligatory Health & Safety tour, filling us in on some of the history and known ‘hot spots’. We were pretty much allowed the full run of the museum and were split into 2 groups. Our group was to take the upper 2 floors which had originally been bedrooms, meeting rooms, offices etc in connection with the Fire brigade.

As always in large empty buildings, sound can echo throughout making it difficult to pinpoint any unusual noises as appose to noises from the other team. During our investigation of the upper floors we had some personal experiences of touching, cold spots and as we had a sensitive in our group, some reports of picking up on a tall man following us around. Personally I felt an unusual cold sensation all down my left hand side which was a little unnerving. Daisy also felt she had been touched on the arm. Kirsty had seen an image that appeared to walk across a corridor into another room. We didn’t capture anything unusual on the camcorder or digital recorders but I did take an unusual photo in one of the bedrooms which was taken during a vigil.

noose pic

Underneath the photo hanging on the wall to the left is a shadow resembling a noose. Other people in the group had taken photos around the same time and had not managed to replicate the image. We checked the room for anything that could have caused the shadow but came up empty handed.

The rest of the investigation to the upper floors proved interesting but not fruitful with regard to capturing any footage for evidence.

Our ground floor investigation centred mainly on the police cells. The very end cell along the passage way was reported to be the most active and so it was obviously top of our list for investigating. We entered the cell as a group with the camcorder running and taking still photos trying to communicate with any presence that might be there. Other than some strong sensations of a presence it remained quiet in spite of communication attempts. However once again Daisy had felt something touch her, this time on the behind! We tried communicating again but didn’t get any responses. The camcorder picked up some light anomalies around Daisy when just the two of us went back to the cell later, but they’re nothing that cannot be explained away as dust etc.

Our walks around the yards in and among the Fire Engines and Police vehicles was again interesting but due to being outside there was far too much noise from traffic and weekend revellers to capture anything of interest.

I took this photo of an exhibit of a mother with her baby in a gas mask. Now, I can see the image of a boy sat at the knees of the mother mannequin which would be quite eerie except not everyone can see it so maybe it’s just my imagination!

boy photo

On reviewing our audio recordings we found what sounds like a womans voice whispering…see what you think.

All in all we had a great time and we all enjoyed the experience very much. I think Kirsty enjoyed the chance to experiment with her own developments alongside our sensitive member of the group as she had her own psychic experiences during the investigation.

It just remains to say thank you to Project Reveal for hosting a wonderful night of paranormal investigation.

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