Wakefield – Private Investigation

May 2011

Location -Wakefield

Property -Private Residence

Team members – 5
We where first contacted by the clients through our email telling us about the strange occurrences developing in the property they had very recently moved into. Such as picture frames moving around, door handles moving up an down and unexplained banging. They expressed great concern as they had 3 small children who where also being affected through there bed covers moving in the night, unexplained red marks and strange behaviour.

We quickly responded as any possible physical contact, especially where children are involved, is worrying to say the least.

Team leaders Janice and Tony conducted the pre visit and established that the clients had encured no similar problems at there previous address nor had the previous occupants at this property had any complaints of this nature. The clients and there children where by this point all sleeping in the living room and were eager for us to investigate if for nothing else but to put there minds at ease and for them to know they weren’t going crazy! So we set a date.

On the night of the investigation we set up base camp in the kitchen with Team leader Tony over seeing all cams. We set up a static camera in the living room,landing,clients bedroom and one of the children’s bedrooms. The children were sleeping out for the night and the clients chose to sit out of the vigils untill later in the evening.

Team leader Janice and investigator Kirsty took first watch in the clients bedroom with the K2,temperature gage, digital recorder and camcorder for extra coverage. This in our minds was a successful vigil as they had a lot of response on the K2 and also Team leader Janice experienced numerous cold sensations which did not correspond to the temperature readings taken at the time and upon reviewing our digital camera photos we discovered strange orb like anomalies on and surrounding Janice at the points on her body where she felt cold!

orbs near janice

Also during the time they where holding the vigil our static camera on the landing captured the bedroom door opening by just a few inches but significant enough as all windows and doors where closed and checked prior to starting.

Next team leader Andrea and investigator Lindsey took vigil in the Childs bedroom with a digital recorder. Quickly Lindsey was overcome by a cold, trembling sensation whilst asking out names previously giving to the clients from there children. Lindsey was wearing a small elasticised wrist band which she felt roll up her arm twice unaided so in an attempt to make contact she moved position to the bed next to the k2 but then the feeling slowly dropped away and the atmosphere became flat although Andrea then began to feel uncomfortable, dizzy and a little nauseas so They then headed into the clients bedroom to see if they could match the success had by Janice and Kirsty but unfortunately had nothing to report.

We then regrouped in the kitchen to discuss our findings up to that point and decided that Janice and Kirsty should re visit the client’s bedroom this time along with the client in the hope that we could make contact and possibly get answers as to what was going on and why.
Again they had some K2 activity but little else.

We then all joined forces in the living room for our last vigil of the night and all heard some activity happening upstairs but nothing that couldn’t possibly be explained away as the neighbours or general household noises.

The clients where happy with what we had achieved and felt a little more reassured that whatever was happening in the property wasn’t in any way threatening.

Upon review of our audio we had captured a possible “no” in response to team leader Janice asking if the possible presence felt bad that the family were scared and also a strange cry like noise,
See what you think!

We would like to thank the clients for there hospitality, help and for allowing us to conduct a very interesting investigation.

6 Responses to Wakefield – Private Investigation

  1. Amie naylor says:

    This was actually my house!!iv looked on your website for years trying to find any evidence from that night and I am so pleased I finally found it. We moved from that house in January 2012 and have never experienced anything like that anywhere else I am pleased to say!.

    • admin says:

      Hi Amie, lovely to hear from you after all this time. I hope you’re all doing well! I’m pleased to hear you’ve not had any disturbing activity in your new home. We’ve been taking a break from investigating and have had problems with our site being hacked but all is well now and we’re up and running again so if anything does occur just let us know xxxx

  2. ANDREW BROWN says:

    Hi im real interested in this area and would love a chance to join a team like this ,if you would like any help then please let me know i would be glad to help.

    • admin says:

      Hi, thanks Andrew. It’s a fascinating field to be involved in and we’ll definitely keep you in mind should we need help in the future. Janice

  3. Beth Magnier says:

    Hi there read your text and find it fascinating. I’ve been experiencing activity in my home since moving in some 13 years previously. My daughter now 22 has always been extremely sensitive. Initially her room seemed cold and light bulbs fused and broke for no reason. Then she began to bring messages to me and became distressed. I meditated and prayed in her room when she was at school and asked them to leave or if not come to me. Then my bedroom became cold. The lights in the hall way kept shattering. I prayed in that area and asked for protection from negative entities. My daughter kept seeing things and getting distressed so I explained the spirit world to her. also took her to a spiritualist church and asked for help with this. They said they could try though if her gifts were blocked she would then become very sceptical later in life. Indeed she is very sceptical though when she was about 16/17 she began seeing spirit and beame distressed. Again I interevened and asked them to come to me. Again my bedroom is like a refridgerator at times. More recently when I was meditating I saw what I believe to be the spirit of a young woman walk through my lounge into the back of the house while I was meditating. OI often feel somethings brush against me, and hear voices at times. I find the voices quite disturbing. Please could you help me understand and work with this activity as I am feeling very drained and already have a pain an energy condition. Love and Light. Beth

    • admin says:

      Hi Beth, I’m so sorry that your email to us went unanswered! I should get a notification when a comment is posted but for some reason I didn’t. However I have now come across it and although it was posted a long time ago I’m responding as best I can. I personally am not a very spiritual person. I don’t seem to be receptive to paranormal communication. It sounds like you, on the other hand are very receptive and I’m not qualified to help you in a spiritual way but I would suggest you could try the spiritualist church for support. I have attended them in the past and found them most helpful. Our approach is more scientific and our investigations are conducted with cameras and digital recorders rather than spiritualist methods. Seeing and hearing paranormal activity must be disturbing for you. If you are local to us (and still in need of help), we can do an investigation for you to try and capture some evidence of activity. Janice

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