Doncaster Air Museum

Firstly I’d like to say thanks to Spookseekers paranormal group for a great night at the Museum!  Myself, Amanda and Richard attended the event which proved to be very interesting.  I still have to examine the digital recordings but both Amanda and I had a fantastic personal experience.  We both saw someone getting out of one of the simulators in the large hangar.  We new nobody was in that area and so rushed to see who it was.  We couldn’t find anybody in the area.  After establishing where everyone was, it would appear we had seen an apparition which a girl who was close behind us also claimed to have seen the same thing.

As the CCTV was pointing in that direction it was rewound and checked immediately by one of the Spookseekers team.  The footage clearly showed a light outage at the moment we saw the apparition.  The light reflection on the simulator in question was blocked by shadow and then gradually faded back.  We were all very intrigued.

This was richard’s first investigation as a team member and I think he enjoyed himself and was keen to wander about looking for activity.

I will post any findings from the digital recorder as soon as possible.

I would definitely return to the Museum and maybe a trip for the Night Eyes team at a later date.

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