Public House, Ferrybridge 2011

March 2011


Property- Public house/hotel

Team members- 4

Guest investigators- 4


The investigation was led by team leaders Janice and Tony who are frequenters to the location and friends with the owners who have shared numerous stories of the strange occurrences there.  With the property being so large and having a lot of rooms to cover including some of the guest rooms upstairs we invited the owners and two of their family members along for the investigation.


We set up our base in one of the vacant hotel rooms and set up static cameras in the two rooms we were told had experienced the most activity as well as one in the kitchen area and the dining room which we focused on a high chair that had reportedly been seen rocking at times.  Also we left a camcorder running with a trigger object in view in the building adjacent to the property which served as the beer cellar.

We split into two teams armed with digital recorders and went to investigate the two hotel rooms which we had been told had unnerved some of their occupants. Both teams spent considerable time in each, although the atmosphere was tense at times we experienced nothing that could be classed as paranormal.

We also held vigils in two of the other upstairs rooms but again there was nothing to report.

We then moved down into the kitchens as one team.  During our time there investigator Lindsey experienced numerous tickling sensations on the back of her neck and hair whilst standing in the corner of the room. We were informed by the family members that this had been reported before and there were stories of a lady spirit that frequented the kitchen/dining area who could sometimes be heard singing. We hoped to have maybe captured this on the digital recorder.

We then moved into the cellar building where we had considerable k2 responses especially to investigator Kirsty’s voice.  Although there wasn’t enough consistency in the responses to be verified as communication. We had swept the cellar before setting up for any possible interference with the k2 and it was well away from any machinery that could have set it off naturally so this activity remains unexplained.

Unfortunately the trigger object we had placed earlier had not moved out of place.

As we left the cellar one of the family members began to feel uneasy and in his words, “trapped and alone!” He had no idea why but he felt a strong urge for us to open the cellar door and was adamant that we did so we returned and unlocked it and within minutes his strange feelings had passed.  This we found intriguing!

We also held vigils in the main bar, pool room and dining area.

On inspecting the footage  and audio we had nothing to report but all in all it was an interesting night and a location possibly to be revisited.

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