Abbey Inn Leeds 2011

Location – Leeds

Property – The Abbey Inn

Team Members – 4

Guest Investigator – 1

The Abbey Inn has a very colourful history and has several reports of paranormal activity over the years. We were excited to have this opportunity to investigate such an intriguing and historic location.

Team member Kirsty made the initial contact with the Landlord and conducted the pre-investigation visit to establish the Inn’s past and the boundaries of our pending investigation.

We arrived at the location approximately 11.30pm and had a conversation with the Landlord who gave us a brief history of paranormal claims without giving too much away as we wanted to go into the investigation without too much knowledge allowing us to judge for ourselves the kind of activity experienced. Three members of the bar staff stayed behind to help us during the investigation.

We set up our static cameras in the main bar, pool room, cellar and one at the head of the cellar focusing on the door at the top of the stairs.

We left one digital recorder in the ladies toilet and carried the other along with our camcorder around with us.

We started the investigation about 12.30am. Janice, Lindsey, Kirsty, guest investigator John and members of staff began the investigation in the ladies toilets where a high level of activity was alleged to take place. With little response, (apart from a few fluctuations on the K2 meter) to our asking out, guest investigator John decided to try asking for responses to his questions via knocking. We were all surprised and excited at how successful this was!_

Lindsey also experienced some numbness in her hands and pains in her arms which we thought was worth documenting.

We continued to ask questions in this way but unfortunately those were the only responses we received. We considered the possibility that the response bangs had been caused by the rebound of the cubicle door against the wall. We tested this after the responses ceased and decided, with a high degree of certainty that this was not the case.

We ventured out into the pool room and main bar area where we sat and listened for anything unusual. As team member Lindsey and guest John in the pool room they heard a bang which came from inside the Ladies toilets so headed back towards them where both were hit by a gush of cold air coming through the corridor just outside the door to the Ladies. As they approached the entrance they noticed that the temperature had dropped considerably and the K2 meter began to fluctuate rapidly staying around the amber and red lights for more than 20 seconds at a time which is quite significant.

They decided to ask out again and hoped for some more bangs in response but to no avail. The temperature continued to drop and the K2 continued to react there was no further activity.


The remainder of the team and staff continued their vigils in the pool room and bar but had no activity.

Janice and Lindsey plus 3 members of the staff headed down to the cellar leaving Kirsty and John in the bar area watching the cameras with Tony. There were some strange sensations felt by those in the cellar but this could quite easily have been a natural sensation due to the eeriness of the cellar in general. Although the cellar was atmospheric there was no activity experienced.

Upon discussion after the investigation it would appear that the most activity had occurred in the ladies toilet area.

On reviewing the footage and audio we discovered we had captured some very interesting noises on the recorder we’d left in the ladies toilets. This recorder was left while we were setting up the rest of the equipment elsewhere in the Inn.

We could hear what sounded like a male voice saying ‘looking’, two loud bangs (on the mirror we think) and the hand dryer coming on by itself.

We also confirmed a faint cry on the camcorder footage which was heard at the same time during the investigation.


We would like to thank the landlord and all the bar staff at the Abbey Inn for making the investigation possible and for their help and hospitality.

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