Private Property 2012

May 2012

Location – Pontefract

Property – Private

Team Members – 4

Guest Investigators – 0

Our client at this property contacted us via our website in April this year. She had experienced some unusual activity and was both curious and concerned. Her experiences included movement of her window blinds, strange blue lights and a male voice. The activity had been happening for a few months and largely seemed to be centered around her young dog.

Tony and Janice made the initial visit to the property to arrange the investigation with the client. The property was small and most activity was reportedly taking place in the lounge. Our client was forthcoming with her experiences and also showed us the video footage she had taken on her mobile phone.

Like I mentioned earlier the dog seemed to be at the center of the activity and certainly the video footage would appear to support this. On the clip inserted here there is an odd blue light which shoots into shot momentarily which intrigued us and we agreed a date to do the investigation.

Please insert blue light clip

There is also a clip of the window blinds moving without apparent reason. We did take into account that the heat rising from the radiator may have caused this, although it seemed unlikely as only a couple of the slats were actually moving, but our client assured us that the radiator was not on and that the room had been empty at the time. Our client had come into the room to find the blinds moving in this manor. We tested for draughts and tried to replicate the movement but couldn’t find a reason for them to be moving in this way.

Unfortunately we do not have this video clip in our possession to present as evidence.

On the night of our investigation team members Tony, Janice, Lindsey and Kirsty were in attendance plus our client and a guest of her own. The property was small which made it difficult when it came to the audio side of things, we would probably have to discard a lot of our audio due to this. We set up 2 still cameras and had the camcorder running throughout plus K2s strategically placed and a digital recorder in the hallway leading to the lounge. Kirsty also used her mobile phone for video and audio footage.

We considered the fact that the young dog, due to his unlimited abundance of energy (and believe me he never stops!) could be the source of energy that any potential spirits were feeding on. Considering the amount of footage our client had on her phone which showed the blue lights several times, we were indeed excited to capture some of our own.

It was apparent not long into the investigation that unfortunately for us any activity that had taken place in the past was just not showing itself that night as the atmosphere was very calm and flat. Despite the dog’s energy as he bounded around excitedly, we were not seeing any blue lights or odd activity. There were plenty of orbs but we established these to be dust due to the movement in the room.

We asked out and tried to goad responses but to no avail. We left the investigation hoping that we might have evidence when we checked our footage later. Unfortunately our footage yielded no evidence or unusual evidence at all. Obviously our client was disappointed with the results but like we explained to her; paranormal activity doesn’t happen on command.

We continued to keep in touch with and offer support to our client as she was still not comfortable in her home. She did contact us again with some additional activity that had occurred since our visit and we agreed to do another investigation.

As the property was small and our previous investigation had seemed too crowded we decided to do an investigation with just 2 members, one still camera and the camcorder.

Tony and Janice did this second investigation alone due to the close proximity of the property to them. On arrival the equipment was set up quickly and they chose to leave the cameras running while they had a ’normal’ evening with the client. This was because all the previous activity had happened during normal, general behaviour within the home. No calling out was done nor any attempts made to communicate.

Once again our footage produced no unusual activity at all.

Prior to and since our investigations, our client has had the property blessed (which she declares to have had no affect) and continues to collect film footage of her own but we have exhausted our own abilities to help this lady and so we are hoping that someone else with perhaps a mediumistic ability may take this case on and help our client discover what exactly is causing her home to be unsettled.

We would like to thank our client for allowing our investigation and wish her well for the future.

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