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Lead Investigator & Founder


I am a believer in the paranormal and have experienced activity myself.  This is how Night Eyes Paranormal Investigators came about.  Having seen many TV programmes about the paranormal I was getting frustrated with the theatrical aspects that seemed to be taking over their investigating.I would love to capture evidence on our equipment that cannot be explained away and I know that if I do it myself along with team members whom I trust implicitly then I can truly believe we have genuine footage

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Lead Investigator and Technical Support


I am an open minded sceptic who needs irrefutable proof before becoming a firm believer!  I look after the technical side of things for the team.


Lead Investigator and co founder


I am a believer who has had many experiences.  I am also what I believe to be a ‘sensitive’.  I pick up on energy and quite often physical emotions during investigations.  Due to personal circumstances I am unable to attend all investigations but try to join one or two and hope to return to the fold in the future!





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Investigator & Researcher


I am a firm believer in the paranormal due to personal experiences. I became involved with the night eyes team in 2010 when i requested there help at my mothers home and have been investigating with them ever since. Although i believe i try to find logical explanations for any evidence we collect.The goal is to find solid,irrefutable evidence of the existence of ghosts…the hunt continues!













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I am the newest member of the team and became involved through mutual interest. I am most definately a sceptic but during investigations i have experienced things i cannot explain away. I am intrigued and excited to see what we can capture with our equipment.













Trainee Investigator







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Night Eyes UK are a paranormal team based in West Yorkshire, covering the local area offering assistance to those experiencing paranormal phenomenon in your homes or workplaces.

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