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Here are some photo’s sent to us by members of the public…if you have any interesting photo’s you would like us to consider for inclusion on this page please feel free to email them to us.


The first 7 photos are where taken in succession at the same property each showing something that shouldnt be there!

pic10a  pic12a  pic8a

pic7a  pic6a  pic9a

Another misty image which is part of a series of photos taken one after the other which all show something that shouldn't be there!

Taken in a hotel room where nobody was smoking.

Taken in a hotel room where nobody was smoking


scratches that appeared on a newly painted wall

Taken at Towton in the 'Bloody Meadow' this mist appears in the photo

taken at the Towton in the ‘bloody meadow’ this mist appears in the photo


dawn (2)

A strange shadow captured walking into a bedroom of a house

disturbed by paranormal activity


















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