Here are what appear to be small footprints that appeared on our client’s bedroom ceiling.

Below are some photographs we've taken throughout the years:
boy photo

The faint image of a small boy can be seen at the knees of the female manikin.

noose pic

The shadow of what looks like a noose on the left hand side of the photograph has been captured. This shadow was not in any other photos taken in this room and attempts to replicate the shadow failed.


An exterior shot of the Police and Fire Museum, Sheffield.

toilet orb (3)

A light anomaly in the ladies toilets at Pontefract Castle.

toilet orb

More light anomalies.


A light anomaly in the Magazine at Pontefract Castle.


This grey mist appears on one of the photos taken in the Magazine at Pontefract Castle.

hack green glow stick

This photo was taken at Hack Green Nuclear Bunker. It shows a glow stick on the first step down on this staircase. The glow stick was stuck at the top with brown tape, which you can see and despite nobody using this staircase, somehow it managed to find its way on the steps!