October 2017

We’ve performed a few private investigations this year but without any significant evidence captured although we’ve had personal experiences on the night and have been able to put our clients minds to rest, so job done!  Still finding it difficult to find locations that us poorer teams can afford to investigate!  Still I suppose we can find some outdoor locations to investigate that don’t need paying for.  If anyone knows of any good ones in the West Yorkshire area, we’d appreciate a nod in the right direction.  ‘Ghost hunting’ is so popular at the moment that people are expecting investigations to be like they see on TV but in reality they aren’t usually so eventful!  If you know of any one or place in our area that could use an investigation then please just get in touch.

December 2016

Well, after several weeks of searching possible locations for investigation, I’m very disappointed with the results.  When you’re a non profit group like we are it’s difficult to find a location that’s affordable for us to do one of our investigations. We don’t do public events so we can’t pay the large sums that some places are charging.  I know a lot of the time the money is put back into the properties to help maintain them and I’m all for that….it’s just frustrating for us!  Here’s hoping we can find something soon.  I’ve been given some locations to check out by a friend and am currently looking into them, fingers crossed.

25 August 2016

Night Eyes has been taking a break from investigations for just over a year and we’re happy to be back now!

The team has expanded and we’ve got a few new members; some experienced and some new to it.  We’re all looking forward to getting back to business with our investigations.  Our aim is to help people who are experiencing troublesome paranormal activity.  Where we can, it’s always nice to be able to put logical explanations to unusual activity and leave our clients feeling less threatened in their own homes.  With all the paranormal based TV there is these days it’s easy for people to come to the conclusion that their property is ‘haunted’ when they experience a little odd phenomena which may have natural causes and that’s the best we can hope for!

Looking into the world of the paranormal for the first time in a while I’ve been surprised by the amount of groups who book up public properties for long periods of time.  It makes it very difficult for a small non profit team like ourselves to have a chance of investigating, which we like to do from time to time as well as our private investigations.  It’s a shame but business is business I guess for those making a living from it!  So with this in mind we’re hopeful that there are some places out there experiencing paranormal activity that aren’t on the map yet and are looking for a group to investigate……..just get in touch!

A few of the team are about to throw ourselves back into investigating in a week or two at Doncaster Air Museum.  We’re attending as guests of another group and will be allowed to go off and do our own thing.  We’re really looking forward to it and there will be a write up to follow.