The Team

Janice – Team Leader and Founder of Night Eyes Paranormal

I’m a believer in all things paranormal. Even after this statement I still find the need for proof. It’s been of interest to me for most of my life and when I started Night Eyes along with my daughter all those years ago it was the start of a great adventure for me! I’ve had personal experiences over the years but have never caught any of them on camera. Naively, I thought we would collect lots of evidence on our equipment straight away! Needless to say we didn’t but we have caught interesting footage over the years and had some incredible experiences. Unfortunately nothing concrete but that’s fine because our journey is proving to be most enlightening and enjoyable. I hope to continue researching and investigating for a long time to come.

I founded Night Eyes after watching theatrical renditions of ‘ghost hunting’ on TV. I wanted to have a team of serious, down to earth, non theatrical investigators who were willing to accept logical, natural explanations when they presented.

I think we’ve managed to do that and we have some new team members for 2016 whom I believe will be invaluable investigators.

Tony – Technical Manager

Tony, (married to Janice) is our Technical Manager. He’s not what I would call a full on believer but is an open minded sceptic.

He maintains and sets up our technical equipment. During investigations he keeps watch on the monitors, looking out for everyone’s safety or any unusual activity.

Tony is the one who will most likely look for logical explanations and causes of paranormal activity and has been responsible for debunking some in the past. He will need some very hard core evidence of ‘ghostly activity’ before becoming a firm believer.

Lindsey M – Team Leader

Lindsey is one of our original team members and has been an invaluable member for several years now. She’s a believer in the paranormal and like the rest of us, would like to catch some concrete evidence to back up her beliefs.

Lindsey helps in all areas of our investigations, from setting up equipment to leading her own team at larger venues. She’s a no nonsense, lets get stuck in and do this type of person and we rely heavily upon her experience during our investigations. She has, at times felt physical symptoms such as pain during vigils and is sensitive to atmospheres within properties. She too has had her own personal experiences with paranormal activity.

Lindsey H – Trainee Investigator

Lindsey has always had a strong belief in the spiritual world and fully believes that there is such thing as life after death.

She’s had multiple experiences with the paranormal and is eager to join the investigations.

Darren Hall – Trainee Investigator

Darren is married to Lindsey H and, much like Tony, isn’t a full-on believer but is extremely open and wants to believe.

He once had an experience as a child that terrified the life out of him and is intrigued to discover if what he saw was genuine, or the imagination of an overactive mind of a child. Time will hopefully tell.

Amanda – Investigator

Amanda has attended some of our investigations as a guest in the past. She has impressed us with her calm, matter of fact approach during vigils. She has had numerous personal paranormal experiences of her own so is well aware of what she might experience while investigating as part of the team.

We’re looking forward to working with Amanda in the future.

Jackie – Investigator

Jackie was one of our first clients. She was very gracious and welcoming and our investigation there was an interesting one. Since then Jackie has been interested in investigating other properties and has joined us on some investigations as a guest. She has agreed to come on more investigations with us as part of the team.

She’s one of our quieter members in my opinion but Jackie is more than capable of assisting during vigils. We look forward to working with her in the future.

Richard – Trainee Investigator

Richard is new to paranormal investigations but has had some personal experiences that have intrigued him. Although he is sceptical, he’s still very interested in what we do as a team, which is why we’ve asked him if he would like to join us on our investigations to gain experience in this field and we’re very pleased to say he has accepted.

Vicky – Investigator

Vicky is an open minded sceptic. She has proved herself to be very capable during our investigations and like Lindsey M she too has a no nonsense approach.

We’ve noticed that Vicky has a knack of putting our clients at ease when we first attend for investigations. The clients tend to open up and feel confident confiding with her about their experiences. She’s an experienced investigator.